Lace Sleeves Crop Top

Thursday, February 4, 2016

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I recently ordered a bunch of scrap lace off Etsy so I decided to make a crop top!

The lace is gorgeous I think, I wish I knew where to find it by the yard. I got it from Leanimal's shop because I think she's freaking amazing and absolutely love all the fabric she uses. I'm sure the original stuff costs a lot though. 

 photo IMG_4256 final_zpstqhgqi6z.jpg
I drafted the pattern using a basic sloper, but I was really just trying to recreate this shirt so maybe I should have just traced that pattern. I get nervous doing that though.. but the fit generally turned out the way I wanted. 

 photo IMG_4240 final_zpsmc2y01z1.jpg

The length is bugging me but I think that's because I'm used to seeing shorter cut crop tops and, that's not happening. haha

 photo IMG_4200 final_zpsbwpwvrs5.jpg

The bodice fabric I used is satin/polyester I think (?) from Joann's.

Of course it's white (sensing a theme here? haha) and I love it! I'm sure I'll wear it all the time.

Bodice Fabric: Ivory Satin from Joann's
Pattern: Drafted

Crochet Lace Midi Dress

Thursday, March 26, 2015

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This post has been a long time coming, I made this dress a while ago but it's taken me forever to take pictures. The Salt Flats are forever and a day away so I had to wait until we could make a day of it. (Shout out to my mom who will take crazy 3 hour trips out to the middle of nowhere with me! haha)

 photo IMG_3898edit_zps8c8ef900.jpg

So this dress is a re-creation of this dress from ASOS, but I didn't want mine to have a low back so I made one with a scooped back instead. I used this lace from Etsy and cream satin from Joann's for the lining. I'm pretty sure it's this listing (in ivory) but I'm not sure so don't hold me to that. 

 photo IMG_4036_zpsz4vo8xgy.jpg

I drafted the pattern because I couldn't find a pattern with a similar bodice (It overlays the skirt so it's not attached to the waist like the lining is.) The skirt is just a basic rectangle cut out and sewn together, and gathered at the waist.

 photo IMG_4061_zpsnd8k9bgq.jpg

The bodice was a little hard to figure out at first, I had to figure out how the zipper was going to work with the overlaying lace and the lining underneath. But in the end I just used the same pattern piece for each layer but didn't do waist darts for the lace, and sewed them both into the zipper in the back. That makes no sense but it worked perfectly! haha 

 photo IMG_4120_zpswkxohbay.jpg

The zipper is just a 12" invisible one from Joann's. 

 photo IMG_3906edit_zps82e3aa76.jpg

The bodice has french seams where possible (not on the zipper, and curved seams) and then the neckline is a bias finishing.

 photo IMG_4075_zps5iauj1z0.jpg

Pattern: Drafted
Lining Fabric: Ivory Satin from Joann's

Wo(men)'s Plaid Flannel Shirt

Thursday, January 1, 2015

If I look really awkward in these pictures it's because I was freezing. And also I guess I'm just an awkward person so there's that too. haha

 photo IMG_3700edit_zps70661a83.jpg

I used McCall's M6044. I made this same shirt once before but this time around I made one for myself. I used a guys pattern because I wanted it to have an oversized fit and because I just already had the pattern on hand.

 photo IMG_3717edit_zpsf1dc0f7f.jpg

No yoke in the back which I was happy about while making the shirt but now I sort of wish it had one.
 photo IMG_3739edit_zps40fd82de.jpg

I do like how it turned out though. The fabric is from Joann's. I can't find it online or else I'd link to it but here's a really similar fabric by Robert Kaufman.

 photo IMG_3736edit_zps503f6b11.jpg

For once the buttonholes actually turned out really well! I always dread that part. Thank goodness for the button hole foot on Bernina's, it has saved me.

 photo IMG_3741edit_zps13711c9b.jpg

Pattern: McCall's M6044
Fabric: Plaid Flannel from Joann's (similar
Buttons: Navy 1/2"

Cream Pleated Midi Skirt

Thursday, November 27, 2014

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So I'm taking a sewing class at BYU this semester and I seriously love it. It's only beginning sewing but I'm learning so many new things. Like how to make topstitching on zippers super straight (use scotch tape!) and how to stretch fabric to put it on grain. (Definitely never have done this before.. haha)

This is the project I just made. We were told to make a skirt with a dart so I searched high and low for a pleated skirt pattern that had a dart, because I didn't feel like making a fitted skirt. I ended up using vintage Simplicity 5627 because that was the only one I could find that had one. Count on the vintage patterns to throw a random thing like that in there.

 photo editIMG_3648_zps2736ae99.jpg
 Here's a picture without wind so you can see the drape better.

The fabric is this wool crepe from Mood Fabrics. I really love it, it was easy to work with (pleated well) and has a subtle stripe to it which I like. 

 photo editIMG_3679_zps9fe0bbf5.jpg photo editIMG_3606_zps129528d3.jpg
 I would have done an invisible zipper normally but we were told to choose between a lapped zipper or centered so I went with centered and used a gold medal one. I love it!! I'm so glad I didn't do an invisible one, it adds a nice element that I like. The zipper was bought from here

 photo editIMG_3613_zps20d3ef17.jpg

The only problem with taking the class is that now a super expensive sewing machine is at the top of my wishlist. haha, we use the Bernina B530's and they are amazing!! Holy cow.(Tip: Don't look up the price- it will hurt your eyes. haha)

5 Current Favorites

Sunday, November 23, 2014

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I'm sharing some of my favorites over on Gentri Lee's blog today!

Textured Black and White Knit Dress

Friday, October 31, 2014

 photo IMG_3338_zps4d784cd1.jpgSorry I look stupid in this picture, it's freezing outside now  of course (or at least was the day I posted this) so I don't want to take new ones. I'm the world's worst blogger, haha.

So here's a dress I just made. I fell in love with this fabric when I first found it but then I was on the fence about it once the dress was done. Don't you hate that? There's just something about it that reminds me of Cruella DeVille though. Ah! Not what I was going for at all. ha hey maybe that'd be a good Halloween costume? 

  photo IMG_0483edit_zpse2c2fc36.jpg

I used the same pattern that I used for this dress from the Stylish Dress japanese sewing pattern book. I love this pattern, it's easy so there's not much you can do to screw up and the dress is just really easy and comfortable to wear, easy to slip on, etc. That's my kind of dress, especially during the school year when I just want something comfy and loose. 

 photo 10e02bee-12de-4580-b7c6-7861db9ba0a0_zpsfd25d349.jpg

The only tweaks I made this time around were just adding some length (cut off too much last time, the original pattern is really long though) and made the silhouette more a-line. Oh I added sleeves! I forgot the original pattern didn't have that. 

 photo IMG_3388_zps06d51b86.jpg

I really love the gold buttons down the front, I think the contrast with the black and white fabric looks cool. I used black elastic cording in place of the handmade bias that the pattern calls for (for the button fasteners) and I recommend that because it was a lot quicker. And I think it looks better personally. It was a beast to get the cording sewn in place though, that stuff doesn't want to stay pinned.

7 Sewing Tips for the Beginner

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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The first sewing tips post I did can be found here.
Fair warning these are really random and all over the place. haha so bare with me here.

Tip #1. Iron pattern pieces flat before pinning them onto your fabric. It will make cutting them out so much easier! Just make sure that when you're ironing them you don't leave the iron on the paper for too long because paper obviously burns more easily than fabric. 

Tip #2. Almost every project goes through a phase where it looks really bad. My mom calls this the "ugly stage." I think that's pretty fitting. The important thing is to not give up at this point. I promise it will look better once the seams are finished and any fitting issues are fixed.

Tip #3. Take it step by step. I know it's easy to get intimidated by projects when you look at it as a whole, but when it comes down to it, sewing is just following directions. That's it! It's easy to get intimidated by the whole process, but take it one step at a time and you won't feel like you're getting in over your head.

Tip #4. You know these pens? You will split the cap each and every time you buy a new one. So do yourself a favor and buy about 10. ha seriously though, am I the only one who this happens to? Every. single. time.  

Tip #5. Hem your sleeves first, before you insert them into your shirt/dress. I promise it will make your life easier. (Then you don't have to worry about hemming them once they're attached to more fabric/weight/material that's easy to get twisted around the sewing machine.) I actually also like to hem the sleeves even before I sew them together into a circular shape. (It's harder to sew once it's in the shape of an actual sleeve because sometimes it's tricky to maneuver the tube shape around the sewing machine arm.) I've found it to be easier to get a good, clean hem to just finish the hem first and then sew the sleeve sides together.

Tip #6. Don't sew to save money. Wait what now? I know a lot of people aren't going to like this one. Heck isn't that why you sew in the first place? The reality is however that unfortunately most of the time sewing costs more money because of our sad mass-produced clothing era. Don't get me wrong, you can still save money sometimes (especially when shopping fabric/pattern sales!) but just don't go into it with the notion that you will (see what I did there? sewing joke. haha) 
(Edited to add: Check out Emily's post down below for some good tips on saving money!)

Tip #7. When making fabric-covered buttons, use books (or something hard) to press down on the button shank (to enclose the fabric around the back of the button.) That probably made no sense, I'm finding it hard to explain this one. ha I've just found that your fingers (and in my case, elbow!) will start to hurt and get tired really fast from pressing down on the buttons so hard. So I use books to fix that problem! If you are having a hard time understanding what I mean by this let me know and I can totally make a video showing it better. I'm not very good at explaining things.

That's all I've got! What are some tips and tricks you've found?

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